Photo Courtesy of Food52
A one-sided conversation about Food52's pumpkin cake (or why cooking for my family is difficult):


I know what you’re about to say.  You wish this pumpkin cake had nuts, specifically walnuts.

No, of course I welcome the criticism.  Please share, what else would make it taste better?

Oh and raisins / cranberries?  You think so, don’t you.

Well since I’m the pastry chef, this is how the pumpkin cake turned out.  No nuts, no berries, no dried grapes.  Those are not dessert-y things.

I know it’s similar to banana bread but it’s not bread.  It’s a cake...

Yes, I do think cake is ruined by nuts.  And cookies.  No nuts in my cookies.  Why would you do that to a dessert?

C’mon, it’s got cream cheese icing.  What else could you ask for?  There is no way that nuts are better than cream cheese.  It's practically topped with cheesecake.


Fine, next time I’ll add nuts.  And raisins.