To add to the list of things that I will always Second Guess in Life: what I pack for a trip.

I always underpack (the theory is that if you really need it and forget it, you can most likely buy it where you’re going) and have that dreaded pit-of-my-stomach feeling that I forgot something critical, like underwear or socks (both of which have been forgotten before).  At some point, I should film myself packing just to laugh at how I trace and retrace the same steps over and over again.  Packing counts as cardio, right?

I pack primarily for the weather.  And then extracurricular activities.  And then potential black tie events that may be sprung upon me at the last minute.  What if I have to meet the Queen?  In California.  At a regatta.  Always be prepared! even though it’s highly unlikely you will need to wear makeup / dress / heels / half chaps this weekend.  The worst thing that someone can tell me is “maybe we’ll go do XYZ activity but it’s still undecided.”  Although, I’ve long since learned that packing my straightening iron is just adding extra weight to the rack.

One debate I can always count on having with myself is whether or not I bring a laptop and how many books I can stuff into my carry-on.  Having fresh reading material on a flight is sacrosanct, and the best airports, in my opinion, are also the ones that have the best bookstores (PDX, you’re winning thus far).  In the last few hours before the trip, you’ll find me repacking and throwing in randomness that will 99% not get used / worn but will make me feel more at ease whilst in transit.

Ahh, the anticipation of travel - there’s a certain joy in that even.  What anxiety?