I’m jumping firmly into July a little bit jet lagged, a little bit sick, and a whole lot tired.  It’s been a constant theme this summer of endless complaints revolving around being tired and a general lack of energy.  My very own mystery-whodunit that I’ve been unable to solve.  Don’t worry, I’ll put a doctor on the case if the problem doesn’t resolve itself soon.

Last week, in my London hotel room, I was spoiled by my very own personal Nespresso machine.  It’s so terribly easy to pull myself an espresso every morning; I ended up with zero jet lag whilst in London and being hopped up on caffeine the entire trip until the last night.  Hotels, take note.  Espresso machines are much more useful than mini bars.  It was mid-July and you couldn’t so much tell that it was summertime in London.  Apart from the small dash of sunlight that peered through the haze when I landed on Tuesday, the weather was very much the same as it always has been - grey and drizzly.  I fit in one workout during my trip with a guest pass to the Virgin Active fitness club (swanky, indoor lap pool).  You can tell most Londoners haven’t been able to squeeze in their summer holiday yet; I was the most tan person in the gym by a kilometer.

Reminder: must slather on sunscreen when outside lounging by the pool

Two weeks ago, it was Independence Day and we celebrated in grand ol’ American fashion by watching an airshow and fireworks on the tarmac of the local airport.  In traditional grumpy Rooth fashion, I threw a fit about it; it was too hot, windy, long, crowded.  The sun is getting to me, or something is.  Something about the summer is worming its way into the old noggin and stirring up general malaise and malcontent.  The stifling heat?  The bugs?

Reminder: must update gratitude list - there’s got to be things I’m grateful for that outweigh the summertime sads

In two weeks, we'll be into August and the dog days of summer.  Back to school will be the theme of the day yet the sun will continue to beat down relentlessly.  Even the pool will feel like tepid bath water tainted with chlorine.  Air condition and hydration will be the words of the month.

Reminder: must load up on popsicles and ice cream to beat the heat