April is almost over.  Raptor-Mae turned five.  I got a new car.  Allergies are messing up my vision and breathing.

The spring days have alternated between being “summer hot” to “fall cool” with the rainstorms that we’ve been getting, which have also been turning B’s pool into a nice, murky emerald green.  One expects an alligator or two to surface but no, that’s just the pool’s rover.  The bugs have emerged early this year and somehow tunneled inside into my office, so I’m temporarily squatting out in a cubicle until they all die off or something.  I only know that I won’t be going back in there until everything hopping, crawling, and flying is gone.  Or maybe we’ll just burn it down and start over.

I owe you all a horse update but that requires a lot more writing than I have time for right now.  Suffice it to say that she’s gaining weight, looking even better, and behaving like a complete h*ckin’ fool.  We fight pretty consistently, mostly about who’s the boss and in charge.  Hint: It’s not her.  I have more battle scars to show for it.  But I’m not giving up.  Not yet at least.