We’re on the cusp of summer in Texas and you know what that means:


In preparation for that (and mainly to see what effects it’ll have), a coworker and I have started drinking as much water as we possibly can per day.  It typically tops out at around a gallon, and we’ve only been doing it for two weeks so far but the immediate impact that I already notice is the boost in energy.  I’ve trimmed down my coffee intake, and I don’t feel as tired in the afternoons anymore.  It also gets me up and out of my chair because, well, bathroom breaks galore but that constant activity can only be a good thing as well.  It’s probably just wishful thinking at this point, but I also feel like my skin looks better and brighter than before.

When it gets hot and dry, my psoriasis starts to flare up, which it’s doing currently.  Luckily I have probably the most mild form of the autoimmune disorder, and it’s an annoyance at its worse.  I wake up in the middle of the night itching and trying desperately not to scratch at the rash, which typically appears near the joints.  I’ve always been lackadaisical about applying lotion but should be doing that with more discipline.  Any of you with skin diseases recommend any lotions that soothe and moisturize?  Surprisingly (or not), aloe tends to work quite well but doesn’t really moisturize.

I’m quite excited about a trip planned this weekend to see old friends, squeeze some babies, and eat all the food and a Michigan wedding at the end of the month.  Otherwise, raptor horse is healthy, putting on muscle very quickly, and being introduced to jumping, with which she’s very clearly never had any training.  In the countryside, Ryon is happily shoeless and enjoying long days of grazing with his friend BlackJack.  We lost one of the horses, a big personality German gelding, at the barn this week due to a sudden health emergency, so we’re all hugging our big guys and gals a little tighter.

Bardi and Ike - we miss you both