Milking the stall rest
The Maeby limp is back with a vengeance.  I rode her on Friday afternoon - she was fine if not a little hyper but settled down after a longer-than-normal warm up.  On Saturday, her pasture buddy’s owner noticed that she wasn’t resting any weight on her hind right out in the paddocks.  There was no swelling, no heat, and no visible cuts or abrasions on her leg or on any other part of her body.  My trainer went out later and checked that her feet were fine and indeed - no swelling of any kind.  Both days that I went out to see her this weekend, she was limping, trying to keep weight off that leg, and not her usual nosy self.  There still isn’t any swelling and nothing seems wrong with her hoof.  There is a touch of heat around the fetlock joint and on Sunday, she started to rest some weight on it, which I take as a good sign.  We’re calling the vet out to see her (again).  I really like our vet, but I'm getting tired of receiving his letters in the mail (read: bills).

I’m hopeful that it’s nothing but a sprain that she sustained when she was out fooling around outside and a few days of stall rest will set her right but we’ll see.

On the plus side, her back is healing up beautifully.  Sigh.

Update: It was an abscess!  Whew!