This week, Bryan’s parents are in town on their way down to the coast for the month.  They’re now officially winter Texans - this is the second year in a row that they’ve escaped winter in Michigan (or what we know here in Texas as spring).  Bryan hasn’t seen his parents in the past eight months so the reunion is really nice and much needed for them. 

They also brought their new pup Coda down with them, so we’ve spent half the time entertaining the dog.  She met Mae for the first time last night, which was also her first time meeting a horse.  Coda was wary of all the horses, Mae didn’t care until she came up and sniffed her front legs, at which time Mae snorted as if to say - take care small pup, you’re getting too close.  Coincidentally, my nose has also started running since Coda took over the house which is odd as I’m not allergic to dogs (at least not to my knowledge).

Since we have house guests, Bryan and I also took it upon ourselves to break in the new air mattress, which promptly deflated three times the first night we used it.  Either it needs a longer break in period or it’s not so subtly telling us that we need to go on a diet.  I’ll post more later, if I ever manage to swim my way out of the deflated air mattress.