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This past weekend
There is no such thing as spring break if you’re an adult, particularly if you are sans children.  Instead, there is one quiet week in the office during March, where all the working parents are out of town because of spring break.  There is one loud week at our townhouse because the college kids are on spring break and who cares if it’s a work night and people are sleeping? 

March is also a big birthday month - Bryan, his mom, my sister, and a slew of friends and coworkers.  Cakes must be eaten to celebrate.  Or pies (in the case of Bryan).  There are many toasts to a long, prosperous, and healthy life.  We’re going up to Oregon later to go skiing with Siri and meet her pup at long last (so maybe adults do get to have spring break).

Because Texas makes a very dramatic transition from winter to spring, suddenly everyone is outside, propelled by the warmer weather and longer daylight hours.  We pet all the dogs that we can on the trails.  There are people sunbathing by the pool already and grilling out in the evenings.  The grass has come back green everywhere except for our tiny front yard - time to throw down some grass seed.

The horses are shedding their winter coats.  It’s delightful to see their shiny backs lined up in the paddocks after months of seeing ripped, muddy blankets.  Mae has dapples on her neck only after three weeks of Omega Horseshine.  Her coat is so much softer as well.  The bugs have come back in a fury, so it’s fly spray time again.

Things that I’ve enjoyed this (start of) spring (again not compensated for any of these recommendations):

Jalapeno cheese bread - You know how typically with recipes you have to tweak them a bit to get them right?  Not with this one - this recipe is spot on, the perfect combination of spicy and cheesy.  I’ve already shared it with one fellow blogger and her loaf came out perfect.  Make it, eat it, rinse and repeat.

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness - I think this book technically qualifies as a YA read but don’t let that put you off, if you’re not into that genre.  The story is about a boy - a teenager really - whose mom is very sick and about the monster that comes to visit him.  It’s a quick read and one that takes you so many places and makes you feel all the feels in such a short period of time.  Having read other books by Patrick Ness, I think this one is my favourite.

Sourdough by Robin Sloan - You may be familiar with Robin Sloan because of his novel Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore (which I also loved).  This author thinks and writes very unique outside of the box, teetering on the edge of reality and then falling straight off the side.  This book is about food, sourdough bread, and technology, which is especially pertinent to me as I killed off the sourdough starter that I tried to nurture this fall.  If you like bread and the Bay Area, you’ll be sure to fall for this one.

From the Hobes website
Hobes - Social media advertising 100% works on me.  If you’re on IG, you might have had a pair of these flash up in a targeted ad.  I’m such a sucker for good leather flats and have been looking for my next pairs for quite some time now.  The Hobes boat shoes are my favourite spring shoe.  I already own two pairs (the metallic silver and beach pairs) and wear both pairs to work and also casually.  Unfortunately they don’t have arch support, however they are VERY soft and very light.  Think ballet slippers and dance your way into a pair of these.  I want the marigold pair next.


  1. I want a spring break. I loved Sourdough. The ending wasn't what I wanted, but the rest of it was great. I particularly liked how it poked and proded at the bay area lifestyle.

  2. A Monster Calls sounds like a good read, Root:)! Thanks for the heads up. And those shoes look freaking awesome!
    PS Happy birthday to everyone:)
    PPS It's only Monday and I'm already tired from March Break activities. I need to work on my cardio to keep up with the kiddos!. huhuhu

  3. I am in dire need of Spring Break, myself . . . also, those shoes, in marigold.

  4. haha on the social media advertising. SAME. happy spring!

  5. Who cares if it’s a work night and people are sleeping? Sounds like a spot on description of my neighbors.

    Don't you just love that dramatic transition, Rooth? Ain't nothin' like spring in my book.

    Let's toast: Here's to many more birthdays and many more spring. Bottoms up!

    (not Scooby Doo)


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