The halls are decked.  The (fake) tree is twinkling.  Alexa is crooning old timey Christmas songs in the background and there are already stacks of presents, be-ribboned and wrapped nestling underneath the tree.  The FedEx and UPS truck stops by our house almost daily and we’re getting inundated with boxes and Christmas cards.

Where, oh where is our dear happy pup during the most joyful season of all?  Why, wedged under the bed, cowering and crying to us (and himself).

Brave Bowie, who has never had any issues with loud noises, strange people, strange dogs, is all of a sudden afraid of our house.  Specifically, the indoor area of our house.  No, he’s not afraid of the Christmas decorations or presents or tree.  Out of nowhere and just this week, he became afraid of the kitchen.  You know, that place where all the delicious smells and food come from?  Where all his favourite people congregate?  If he could share a little of that kitchen fright with me, I could finally lose that “final five” lbs, am I right?

If we don’t let him run outside to hide, the poor guy is tucks his tail and squeezes himself into the smallest ball by the back door.  Bryan was convinced that the dog had something wrong with him and was about to schedule another expensive vet appointment.  After a very quick google search, it turns out that Bowie is going through his adolescent fear period, which is typically around when dogs between 6 - 14 months and in conjunction with growth spurts.  It is said to be temporary - thank god - and a stage that they quickly outgrow.

So Bowie may not have the holiday blues.  He may not be tired of the commercialization of the holiday season or reacting to the pressure of buying Just The Perfect Gift for everyone.  Or maybe he’s just pouting that he hasn’t been able to open the numerous boxes under the tree, addressed to him.

Have you ever had a dog who has gone through an adolescent fear period?  Or are you yourself going through a holiday fear period?