How life is like an Indiana Jones movie

Obtaining balance in your life is a lot like The Quest for the Holy Grail, specifically the Holy Grail from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  How exactly, the inquisitive reader may ask.  If you are not inquisitive or would not like to continue reading the 1 am ranting should click back to, or from whence you came.


You gallivant along The Quest (Life) trying to seek out The Grail (balance).  You are not even sure if it truly exists.  Trials and tribulations abound on the way and when you finally reach the Grail Room, there are a multitude of seemingly correct and attractive options to choose (becoming a professional online shopper / workaholic / equestrienne / skier).  It is, of course, up to you to choose the correct option, which you will eventually despite it looking boring, plain and cheap.  However, once you lay your hands on it, you realize its power and ability to heal fatal bullet wounds.  Inevitably though, it slips from your grasp and The Grail is lost to the earth forever, after your father Sean Connery yells at you to just let it go.

So the moral of the movie is Balance = The Grail.  Just don't go drinking from the wrong cup.


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