Proud of it

This past weekend, I finally got The Haircut.  I hadn't cut my hair in over 1.5 years and it was getting dry and brittle at the ends.  My hair was reaching the middle of my back and had no shape, except for being thick and wavy.  Now, mind you, I'm not one to cry if my hair is cut too short or if I get a crappy cut or dye job or if my mom perms my short hair before my third grade yearbook picture and I look like I have an afro.  So any haircut at all would have been fine.

In short, what I got in exchange for $18 was a shampoo, (awkward) neck and shoulder massage and great cut that makes me proud of my hair.  And not only how it looks.  The stylist put silk infusion product in my hair before she straightened it and my hair is still silky soft on day five.  After a couple of shampoos.  I am no longer picking a split ends or watching my hair crinkle up as it dries.  I have easily spent over $100 to make my hair look and feel like it does now.  Cheers to haircuts and being proud of your hair.

**As a testament to my laziness and refusal to wake up early and style it, it's currently up in a ponytail.  Go figure.


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