Vacation hangover

<Sigh> I'm officially back from vacation today and have a vacation hangover.  A vacation hangover can consist of the following symptoms:
  • Crawling sluggishly out of your bed in the morning
  • Examining the scaley skin peeling from your nose and chin from sun- and wind-burn
  • Regailing coworkers with your exciting and slightly exaggerated vacation stories
  • Quelling the impulse to order a hamburger with a beer for lunch and prime rib for dinner
Mine also comes with the side effect of wanting these:

How awesome is that.  It's a balmy 70 degrees outside and I want a pair of heavy duty snow shoes to go along with my nonexistent season pass to the ski slopes and the ZERO amount of snow or ice we got this winter.

I'd rather have a vacation hangover than any other type though...


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