Car mincemeat

Poor, poor Frenchie.  On Friday, he drove into the apartment complex parking garage on the way back from work and the gate lurched downward and smashed onto his car.  So he has another shattered windshield (front this time) and battered roof of his car to contend with.  He hasn't had too much luck with this car - do you all believe in bad car juju?  I know of two people who have bad car juju - freak accidents and bad luck with certain vehicles that they never had with their old cars.  Anyway, he's stuck with his current car for a bit longer as he has it under a lease and now he has to battle with his apartment complex about who is paying for the damage.  The apartment complex is claiming that they are not liable for the damage from the gate, which sounds really off to me.  Car trouble is definitely not the kind that anyone wants to deal with, particularly on a sunny weekend and making us think about moving somewhere where the primary mode of transportation is walking, biking or my favourite - horseback riding. 

In the meantime, do you know of any lucky charms I can put in Frenchie's car to counterbalance the bad luck?


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