Lying down as a hobby

"My job gets in the way of my favourite hobby - lying down," my sister said as she started her new position this past spring.  Little did she know how many things your job can get in the way of.  Fun things such as friends' birthdays, dinner parties, happy hours, any hobbies you may have and vacations with family and basic things such as cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and sleeping  - the most important last. 

I will try to get shut eye any way I can.  And I only need two minutes to fall asleep.  This can be rather awkward on flights or car rides as I will conk out once I sit down and ignore any fellow passengers.  And difficult while trying to watch a movie or tv in a dark room.  It also makes me rather boring on weekends that I can get off from work as I'd rather sleep than do practically anything else.  Instead of lying down as a hobby, I propose making it a career.  As step one toward this goal, I would take a long Rip Van Winkle nap in any of these locations, particularly the beach and ocean locations.

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