Pickled green beans in mary

I really like tomato juice, really I do.  I'll drink it with no ice, chilled and treat it like a poor man's gazpacho.  So a bloody mary is really a bonus with the addition of alcohol.  Now a bloody mary in New Orleans - that's what I'm talking about. 

This week, I was taken to what is supposedly the bar that serves the best secret bloody mary in New Orleans.  What made it special for me?  First of it, it was SPICY hot.  I don't mean tickling your mouth and black pepper spicy.  I mean burning your lips and tongue and wishing you had something to drink... oh wait.  Secondly, it had pickled green beans.  I've had bloody marys with celery and olives but never green beans.  And they were delicious - crisp, crunchy and sour.  I could and am thinking of just ordering a jar of pickled green beans to eat on their own. 

If you'd like to know where the secret bar is, message me and I will gladly share...maybe.


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