The sugary-sweet co-worker gift guide

Do you have a co-worker who always provides the perfect "assist" when you're in a bind - whether it's helping you pick out a party outfit for the summer wedding weekend (not too conservative but not slutty either) or if it's staying late nights on analyzing financials?  In my office, I am lucky enough to be surrounded by several of these who will help me with work tasks as well as pick up coffee, lunch and dinner for me when I'm too busy to get away from my desk.  I attempt to express my gratitude in the way of small tokens of appreciation for all the help I've been given during the year.

Miette pastry cookbook - look at the pretty scalloped edges
iPod mug with little built in speakers

Scarf that can double as a wrap in the super A/C office

NYC Black & White cookies from Dean & Deluca

Pop o' colour ring by Kate Spade
Leathery cheerful notebooks by Paperthinks - I really want some bright neon colours


  1. Love the notebooks. I wish my bookcase was that colorful.


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