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I just got back from a fine dining experience with senior work colleagues where I ate too little and drank too much.  So, naturally, I'm back at home now, sitting on the living room floor eating cold queso out of the jar with my fingers.

I promise you guys better quality posts soon but until then, happy Thursday and I hope the rest of your week is short and SWEET!


  1. I so remember days like that. Sadly, not all of them involved drinking too much -- work itself (this was at a former job) could leave me in a give-me-a-spoon-and-jar-of-nutella state. Hope you recovered from your night out!

  2. Those are the best nights..not the queso part...the drinking too much and eating too little. LOL Have a great weekend!!

  3. hahaha - fun :)

    why is cold queso always such a good idea after nights like that?!

  4. it's always a good time for cold queso! in or out of the jar!
    cheers to fun nights with friends.
    mine are now reserved at home with my beast and my hunkiest.....i skip the wine and just go straight for the cheese.


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