Wistful Wednesday

Today I wandered upon this Southern Belle of a home, surrounded by draping oak trees and swathed in taffeta.  Can't you imagine yourself drifting through the halls in your chiffon ball gown, floating down the front stairs and through the limestone tiled sun room?  In this house, the kids all play nicely together in the little Amish playhouse and never splash in the pool.  They also never track mud in the house and keep all the white and beige upholstery pristine.  The designer kitchen always remains spotless and the butler's pantry full of fine china is used every night for dinner.  You can throw the most sophisticated backyard "cook-outs" in the back patio and your in-laws, whom you love, will come stay in the plush guest house (but only for a short while).

Le sigh. 


  1. I think Southerners do some things very right. This house, for instance, and using Crisco for everything. I think the new South slogan should be: Fried chicken and mansions for all! (OK, just the fried chicken part.)

  2. OMG, this house is gorgeous. I love the pool and all the black and white decor. I think houses in Texas are so big and beautiful. I saw so many I would love to live in, I had such a fun time visiting Texas last month. I want to go again next year. Great post!
    Thanks for stopping by too

  3. My entire house is probably the size of that cute cottage in the swimming pool area :)

    Gawd, this house is le grande and I am in love with the backyard AND the bath!

  4. oh huge sofas! love them all!



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