Cotswold Home

Tranquility and serenity are what I'm looking for today.  Do you like the sharp angles and straight lines of this Cotswold style house?  I never knew that this style of home even existed, but now I can imagine its fairy tale facade, peeking out at me through the foggy fields of Cotswold.  The current owners spiced up the interior with their own taste and touch, which I'll let you decide for yourself if you like or not.  I rather like seeing others' interpretations on living spaces and I don't know if I could be quite as creative or thoughtful.  What do you guys think - could you live with the modern update or do you prefer something a little more old fashioned?

Do you love the hobbit doorknob in the middle of the door or what?
Beautifully bright, white and modern living room
Gigantic floor to ceiling mirror?  Check.  Modern AND sparkly chandelier?  Check.  Beautiful table setting?  Check.  I love all the right angles in this home
Cushy sofas in the family room are perfect for lounging around with your favourite book
A bright white kitchen may not be to everyone's taste...
But I think this breakfast area keeps it from being too stark and modern
The master bedroom is pretty nice but what I like is this adjoining study / sitting area.  I'm also a big fan of the big canvases strewn throughout this home


  1. I love the outside of the house!! You're right. It is something straight out of a fairy tale.

    The inside is a little to "white" for me and a little too modern. I like cozy and warm. The decor of choice in my apartment are chocolate browns and golds.

  2. I like old-fashioned houses with a sense of warmth and cosiness. While I admire the architectural and design beauty of spacious houses, they seem lonely to me as places to live in. I suppose that's why I don't particularly like modern design, even if I appreciate it aesthetically.

  3. Never knew that is what it is called! Wow!

  4. I like all the white in here! it's modern yet cozy which is not that easy to achieve...

  5. Oh I love this living room! I pinned it here:


  6. wow this house is lovely but I'm a fan of both traditional and modern.

    xo erica

  7. Omygosh, how did you find this house? It's such a dream. The brick exterior against the white clean interior is such a beautiful contrast.

  8. Oh, I have to tell ya, that you received an award :)

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  10. The interior is so beautiful. The clean white with the descent colorful decoration objects. Love it. Nice inspiration!


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