First fall (and food) weekend

I got a lot of catch-up sleep this weekend, which always has a way of making you feel like you've wasted the day.  However, it was very refreshing and I was still able to get some menial stuff done.  On Saturday, we had a slow, relaxing lunch at Revival Market, Frenchie had a nice vegetable platter.  Revival Market is a neighborhood grocery store and charcuterie.  The neatest part about this place is the fact that they tell you where all the food comes from, from the fresh produce to the meat to the bakery.  The vegs were all grown locally and each of the farms was listed on a blackboard.  I also got ambitious with cooking and baking and made pumpkin whoopie pies and chicken sausage skillet pasta.  We went to Whole Foods to find some pumpkin puree for the pies and the meat counter was out of Italian turkey sausage, which was what the pasta recipe called for.  The butcher urged us to try the spicy chicken sausage and then proceeded to give us two free links to try.  And whaddya know, it was delicious.  I'm totally falling into the Whole Foods' trap and am going to go back and buy some more.  What delicious meals did you cook this weekend and have you ever gotten free stuff at Whole Foods?
Frenchie outside of Revival Market
A beautiful weekend in the neighborhood!
Pumpkin whoopie!
Pasta for dinner


  1. i so want to try one of those pumpkin whoopies!

  2. Okay, if this is a duplicate message ... times, however many, I apologize. They don't seem to be sticking. :) So, without further ado ... 'GASP! A pumpkin whoopie?!' ... I know, it wasn't even worth the buildup. Sigh.

  3. Oh wow, the Revival Market sounds like my kind of place. And yay for getting some kitchen time in over the weekend - the whoopie pies & pasta both look fantastic!


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