And now, voila, I change into different pyjamas

Thanks to all the well-wishers (is that the correct way to use this term?).  This flu thing really has me buggered.  It was fever and chills all yesterday and now I can't breathe through my nose.  I sound like Darth Vader when I try and talk.  It takes a lot of willpower to drag myself out of bed and take a shower (I know, I'm disgusting).  And then I put on another pair of pjs.  Because I have enough self awareness to know that throwing on the clothes you had on previous to the shower just negates everything the shower did.  So here I sit in another set of pjs for the day.

You may find me lounging around the house in one of the below sets.

Nah, let's be honest.  You'll find me hanging about in a ratty tee and some billowing pants from middle school.  But my pretend-better-self would be decked out in the below for no one to admire except for herself.  And the UPS guy when he comes by around 5:30 to drop off packages.  Because girlfriend was a hot mess when I opened the door for him yesterday. But seriously, who sleeps in all white?  Princesses do, I guess...

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  1. thanks for always sending sweet comments on my blog...yah being sick is never fun. hope you recover soon from that flu bug.

  2. Oh no, I hope you get better soon. Being sick is the pits, don't even worry about cute PJs. What you need is to be as comfortable as possible, middle school pants and all.

  3. The flu!!!! Omg, that's the worst! I'm so sorry girl. Please feel better...even if that means dreaming of fancy pajamas :)

  4. I love everything white...
    so clean and neat.

    COme visit my blog and let's follow each
    other on GFC!

  5. White is do classic! Great post

  6. P.S. Thank you!
    Would you like following each
    other on GFC?

  7. hahahha im sure the UPS man has seen worse. most of the time I sign for packages in pjs & a crap hoodie. he is completely unfazed lol. i hope u get better soon!!

  8. babes, i've done two posts on getting over a cold--i know yours is different, but worth a look. get betta soooooon

  9. hehehe- UPS guy always gets us at our best!

  10. Haha, sounding like Darth Vader could have its benefits, no?
    And I my pretend self likes to be decked out in the pjs the kids in the Sound of Music wore! Ha, if only that were true in real life :)
    Feel better soon!

  11. P.S. Thank you for following, darling.
    I'm now following you back on GFC, #48th,
    so see you around.


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