There's never enough time, is there?

One of the things I thought I would be getting more of when I quit my job to start working at this nonprofit was time.  But I'm finding it's almost slipping away faster than I imagined.  It's Monday and I haven't gone grocery shopping or cleaned the house.  I still need to pack for SF and there is a slew of work to be done tomorrow.  So maybe it was all in my imagination that extra hours would pop up out of nowhere.  Also, getting the flu last week put me off my schedule as well.  Luckily for me, Frenchie has been supportive, buying me juice and medicine while I've been ill and trying to be flexible with my off-kilter work schedule now.

It seems as though time management is still evading me, no matter what I do.  And I'm not even spending time doing stuff that I really DREAM of doing - I haven't spent any time at the barn since Januaryish.  Folks, what's the secret?  Or is there even a secret of getting everything done AND being able to relax and enjoy yourself?

And just so this blog post isn't just me complaining and ranting, what do you guys think about these tops?  To sheer or not to sheer?  I'm tempted to go for it, just because I know how hot and sticky the summers are going to get here.


  1. You'll find time! Don't blame the new job because I know having the flu is horrible! You'll figure it all out :)

  2. Oh, have fun in San Francisco! Have you tried making yourself a schedule? It's my inner OCD-self for sure, but making lists and having a "plan" always help me to get things done, plus it feels good to cross things off the list! And of course, those tops are adorable!

    Plus.. you just had the flu. It's always hard to get back into the groove after being sick!

  3. If you find out what the magic trick is, let me know. I'd kill for the ability to manage my time better. I think what helps is setting strict times I allow myself to read blogs and keep up on my own, otherwise I get sucked into a rabbit hole and the next thing I know half the day is gone.

    Sorry you're feeling overwhelmed! Hope San Fran provides a nice refresher for you. xo

  4. Hey Ruth, once you get the hang of it, you'll soon be better at the whole "getting everything done' thing:)...and then, you can tell me the secret!
    Anyhoo, not a big fan of the sheer thing, but I like it on other people, so I say go for it:)

  5. Thank for this post. I battle this almost everyday, and after coming home at 11pm last night after planning for a new business pitch, I was overwhelmed by the unmade bed, the dishes in the sink, and the overflow of clothes in the laundry basket. Then I read these wonderful blogs where women are baking cookies, making these projects and running the world. It's a learning process, I guess.

    I love that you work in non-profit. I took a break from corporate a few years ago and worked for 2 non-profits, and loved it. It was the best experience I could ask for, and made me a better person when I returned to agency life. I hope you enjoy your experience in the non-profit world!

    Cheers. And have a great trip to SF :)

  6. I can relate to this...never enough time in the day! I think the only thing that helps me is the new realization that I *can't* do it all. No one can. I try to focus on a couple things to accomplish each day and one thing I *want* to do. That way I always feel somewhat productive and satisfied. ;) There will always be more I feel like I should do, but I'm really trying to let go of that feeling. It's an ongoing process. :)

  7. I totally feel the same way. My "to do" list never seems to get any shorter, but I've found that choosing just one or two things to accomplish each day helps me progress towards my goal. Otherwise I'm like a deer in headlights!

  8. I think the secret of doing it all is realizing that you can't do it all. I know that between commuting back and forth to work, actually working, trying to keep a clean house, trying to stay organized and on top of things, trying to run a household (with my husband), having a blog, having a garden,and trying to have some sort of social life I am usually exhausted. I try to prioritize, make a lot of lists, decide what has to be done now and do it.

    Also, I try to do any task that can be done in less that a minute right away. It is a tip I picked up from this book i was reading, and so far, it has helped me to not put off quick tasks.

    The tanks are really cute!


  9. Time - what's that? Only kidding - I seriously wonder where the minutes, hours, days, and weeks go - they just seem to evaporate and my to do list never seems to get shorter. I dream of a day when I'm not racing from one thing to another.
    Sorry to hear you were ill - I do hope you're feeling better and that all goes well with your upcoming trip. And thanks for all your kind comments on my blog - they make my day. Take care, Annie x ps: love the top - and the sheerness of it - I think it depends on what you put it with.....

  10. We should start a petition- add 4-6 more hours to the day and cut the work week down to 4 days...

  11. If every you should happen upon the secret, please let me know . . .


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