By now you all have probably heard that we've had our first case of Ebola detected in the United States.  The patient is currently being treated at a hospital in Dallas, Texas, a hospital which is literally right down the street from my office.  His family lives in the neighborhood around the corner from the office and in the same area as my stables.  From my office window this afternoon, we were able to spot several news helicopters lazily hovering over the local elementary, middle, and high school as parents rushed to pull their kids out of school, as the patient had a handful of school-aged children who attended those schools.  It's ironic that so much of my company's business is based in Africa and all of us have been able to avoid countries where Ebola is a verified presence, and then it lands smack dab in our exact neighborhood in the good old U-S-of-A.

The city, as far as I've seen, is not panicking.  I know a few school districts have sent emails across to parents informing them of the situation and how they're monitoring it.  As I learn anything else useful, I'll try and post it for the rest of you but until then, stay well and take care of yourselves.