Hi, my name is Rooth and I am a chronic overapologizer.  I am quick to apologize, regardless of fault.  To a fault, actually.  And if the other person seems slighted or a teeny bit perturbed, I will apologize repetitively and profusely.

Sorry to interrupt because I have to tell you something that is extremely pertinent and in your best interest to hear.

Sorry to nudge your shopping cart ever so lightly with my toe.

Sorry you cut in line in front of me and then shoved me with your shoulder.

Friends, you know the ones who really care about you, have told me to cut it out and quit that sh*t.  "Stand up for yourself," they admonish.  "You don't owe them anything, and if anything those people are the ones who should be apologizing to you."  I take advice quite seriously from people who care about me and started paying attention to when I apologized and how often.  It confirmed what I knew already about my behavior but what was startling was the frequency.

I tentatively penciled in "apologize less" on my draft 2015 New Year's Resolutions.

...until I thought about why I apologized, really gave it some consideration (mostly in the shower).  And realized that, although sometimes I really do mean it when I say I'm sorry particularly when I am at fault, the majority of the time I apologize because I am sorry for other people.

Sorry you behave like a brat and no one has had the guts to point it out to your face.

Sorry you don't have the grace to acknowledge that you were wrong.

Sorry you think you're so much more important than everyone else that you deserve preferential treatment.

To me, an apology is one of the ultimate displays of strength.  And I am strong.  Not only will I take on responsibility for my own actions, but I will also take on the responsibility of the fault of others, if they are unable to.  So I'll keep apologizing.  Because I feel sorry for them.  Sorry I AM sorry.

What's your philosophy on apologies, in either giving or receiving them?