Thoughts I've had while moving and packing

The new digs
How do people move in and out of houses?!

We have more than enough boxes.

We do not have enough boxes.

People should move more often, just so they’re forced to throw away things that they don’t need or use.

No one should ever move because this is unnecessarily stressful.

The amount of horse supplies and tack that I keep in my apartment is absurd.

The number of jackets and coats that I own for living in Texas is absurd.

How many sets of sheets and towels is a healthy amount to own?

Let’s not mention how many pairs of boots I have.

We are seriously going to empty the entire fridge so that we can move everything five miles north...

It’s so cool that we have an upstairs at the new place!

Stairs are the worst.  Let’s never live anywhere with multiple stories again.


  1. Oh god... Moving. Both the best and the worst!

  2. Moving is the worst and I hate it! (we just signed another year lease because I don't want to move again!)

  3. The last time we moved, we swore never to move, ever again.

  4. This post. Yes. All of it.
    When we first moved to MD from FL, the only option was a 3rd floor apartment up 5 flights of stairs. The hubs and I moved alllllll of our stuff singlehandedly (and almost died). We swore we wouldn't move again until we could hire movers to get all of our stuff out and down for us...and have a ground floor apartment! Haha And that's exactly what we did. It ended up being a second story apartment but only one flight of stairs, thank God. I hope we stay here for a good long while!

  5. I have never moved yet :') so I can't really say much rather
    the one time I was replacing some old furnitures for new
    furnitures from my bedroom (which was upstairs) and I didn't
    like that at all.
    Ice Pandora

  6. The new place looks very neat!

    And yes, I did so much decluttering when I moved earlier this summer. Still working on decluttering, in fact!

    7% Solution

  7. The new place looks very cool. Anyhoo, let me tellz yah....I really really really hate moving, but you're so right that it forces you to really take into account what you need and don't need. Have you organized everything already? Be sure to take lots of breaks!

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