Around two / three years ago, my morning breakfast used to be doppio espressos on ice from Starbucks.  I could down one of those suckers in the morning followed up by a latte in the afternoon.  Those days, I was pulling 100+ hours a week and delirious half the time I was at work.  Since then, I've been able to tone it down to one tall caramel macchiato a morning and have that as my only caffeine intake during the day.  Today, as a tribute to the past, I had a doppio espresso on ice and my head almost exploded.  I got the shakes almost immediately and was bouncing around the office looking for food and things to keep my hands and feet still.  I had to retype everything during the afternoon because my fingers were going twice as fast as normal and typos were running rampant through my emails.

I'm glad that I have lower caffeine tolerance than I used to - it's good to know that espresso will do it for me and I won't have to take NoDoze like in the old days (bad idea).  Caffeine is no longer my coping mechanism for stress.  What are your stress relievers?  Any caffeine addicts out there?