"Ca-chunk" is the sound of the passport stamp at the border crossing in London Heathrow.  I'm here again, I'm back.  It's in the 40s (Fahrenheit) in London and I flew away from our one balmy spring week in Texas for this.  My life lately, last year in particular, was predicated so much upon movement - heading to a destination, planning to reach a destination, getting to the destination, and leaving the destination.  And now that I sit in an asexual yet overly floral hotel room that could be located anywhere in the world, I realize that with all this movement, what I've been trying to get closer to was the feeling of warmth and also the prickles of excitement that I have when I'm close to My People.  My People who entertain, who argue, who excite, and who generally push me into being more and in directions I never could fathom.  It's cold and quiet and the only thing I can think of is finding my way back to the raging bonfire that has been lit and stoked by my people.

I miss you, artistic storyteller in Paris and am disappointed that I wasn't able to make the trip over there this time.

I miss you, kindred spirit in North Carolina and wonder when it is I'll see you again and recover part of myself that I never knew was missing until you moved away.

I miss you, adventurous sprite in the Pacific Northwest who always brings out the beastmode in me, never stopping or letting me quit.

I miss you, friends and stand-in family I've left in Houston and neglected to visit since I was there almost two (!!) years ago.  What was I afraid that I would rediscover on returning?

For one who prides herself on efficiency and working smart, here I've been the entire time trying to  manufacture the same environment and atmosphere by myself from the safety of my own apartment.  Safety being the optimal word.  The bonfire of people is out there.  The people, My People, are dancing, singing, telling stories, and creating and destroying all at the same time.  And they are waiting for me.

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