Love Shack
I woke up this morning to a controlled demolition of a nearby dilapidated office building, clearing space for what is most likely going to be another high rise apartment complex.  The explosion was a rolling thunderous roar that I could feel in the pit of my stomach and it crescendo-ed dramatically, leaving the hum of helicopters in its wake when it finally stopped.  It seems as though, for once, the universe and my "real life" are working in tandem as February is off to a bang.

As I alluded to last week, my dearest friend Amy and I are holding a *drum roll* Valentine's Day Haiku Contest.  I know many of you are closet poets and have shared your haikus with me time and time again and on this occasion, I'd like your very best Valentine's Day haiku.  Although they don't have to be in the vein of the "man-haikus" that I've been posting on my blog, we would prefer that they be "love" themed in recognition of the aforementioned holiday.  Please submit your entry here by February 11th.  We will select a few finalists and the WINNER who will receive a mystery prize that we'll announce at a later date.  The contest is open to anyone and there are an unlimited number of submissions.

So get your poet hats (berets? what kind of hats do poets wear?) on and may the best haiku win!