The City can be so noisy, when one is trying to shake off the effects of jet lag.  A garbage truck rumbles by.  Late night partygoers laugh and yell in the streets (during a work week no less).  I can block out the light with blackout shades but can’t seem to block out the noise.  A quick trip but when am I going to get some sleep this year?  I slept the best that I have in awhile on the plane ride over the pond, despite the turbulence, a sign that I’m either becoming extraordinary accustomed to plane travel or that I’m exhausted.  Or both.

The last full day here, the sun finally revealed itself in all its blazing glory to the citizens of the City, and we all quickly forgot how dreadfully dismal and moody the previous days were.  I slapped myself for forgetting to pack my sunglasses (but also while congratulating myself for packing and using my workout clothes).  I’ll be chasing the sun westward this morning (or night or morning) - what does the beginning of spring look like for you all?