...Which consisted of dumping everything into the overflowing dirty clothes hamper.  There was a mishmash of items unloaded from my suitcase that needed a good scrubbing - ski pants, jacket, flannels, and swim suits.  I feel extremely lucky to have spent three weekends in the mountains so far in 2016, and it’s only the beginning of March.  I’ve watched the sunrise over the Rocky Mountains and watched it set over the beaches of Monterey, with the mountains of Garrapata State Park looming in the background.  Those lungfuls of clean mountain air have sustained me throughout the work week in my beige box.

One shadow on the travel adventures: Siri and Misha were supposed to join us for a ski weekend in Colorado, but Siri had an emergency appendectomy three days before they were going to fly out and meet us.  She’s still recovering, and we missed her on the slopes.  Next time Siri!

After all the weeks in the snow, it’s quite fun to come back to an early spring here in Texas.  We missed winter altogether - not a single snow day so far this winter - although it’s not inconceivable for Texas weather to throw us a late spring snowstorm.  Walking on the trails this weekend, it feels like Mother Nature lost the memo that it was only February.  It’s greener here than I’ve seen it in years and the trees have gone quite mad with a frenzy of blooms.  My cheeks are rosy red with an early sunburn and I may or may not already have an utterly delightful farmer’s tan.  Come at me spring 2016!