As I’ve gotten older, as it is with most folks, it’s become clearer to me how much more similar I’ve gotten to my mom.  Things I’ve inherited from her include: my increasingly obvious passive aggressive tendencies, freckles that bloom in the sunshine, gracious hostess skills, ever-lightening hair, and emotional sensitivity.  

My mother has always been the soft-hearted one, the one who feels sympathy and empathy for everyone.  She’s the social butterfly who befriends strangers and makes people feel comfortable and at home.  My mother also gives her best and most favourite things to others.  She’s the consummate sharer and those things that she didn’t give me, she taught me, like the following:

- How to apply liquid eyeliner to your waterline without crying.  To this day, I still wince when I do it

- How health fads and diets are meant to be tried and experimented, in the truest N = 1 fashion

- How to keep an open and flexible mind about doing things that others love and share with you

- Warm and comfortable is more important than stylish and impressive

- Reading out loud is a wonderful way of incorporating the thing you love with the people you love

- Swimming is an important skill to learn, especially if you are going to be up a creek in a canoe without a paddle

- Forgive and forget quickly and easily.  You have other more urgent things to do and spend your time on

- Use butter - the good kind and the more expensive, the better

- If you f*ck up, apologize and apologize, quickly and sincerely

- Sometimes it’s important to forget about perfectionism and just get things done

Thank you mom for all the lessons learned.  Happy Mother’s Day!