...That the sun stays out later and that the sky is a soft pastel colour in the evenings when I go out to the barn for a hack.  There aren't any mosquitoes chasing after me yet and Ryon and I are able to enjoy a cool breeze while we work it out.  If you haven't seen on IG, I've spiked Ryon's hair (the humidity has really been poofing it out lately) and also started playing music on my phone while I'm on him.  He seems to prefer pop music vs. hip hop and picks up the pace and pricks his ears forward when the music really starts jamming.

Ryon's haircut

... Trophies are for Winners.  This website / shop was started by Amy, one of my dear friends from growing up (see also: kindred spirit), and is all about celebrating strength and accomplishments of women.  I love their stickers and t-shirts and my absolute favourite is probably the one with my name on it.  They've been adding to their collection slowly, and I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Supreme Trophies tee

... Friday link packs.  Or really "any day" link packs that pull the best from the internets.  It doesn't get any better than curated internet content, right?  The ones by Swiss Miss (here), Joy the Baker (here), Of a Kind (here in their newsletter) are especially delightful.  Any that you enjoy that I should be checking out?

... Denim cut offs.  I've been wearing these exclusively on the weekends to wash the car, to hockey games, to dinner.  Short shorts, don't care - they're comfortable and will go with any top / shoes you have.  One Teaspoons are my favourite - I have the ones below as well as a white pair and plain denim pair.  Word to the wise: size up if you want them to sit low.

One Teaspoon Cupid Bandits