On Saturday morning after I got back to my apartment from a late night of watching movies on Netflix (wild child, I know), I put my head down for a quick nap which somehow turned into three hours of straight sleeping.  And when I got back home from a sweaty afternoon at the barn, I picked up a book and promptly fell asleep for another three hours.  After waking up each time, I reluctantly got out of bed and thought really hard about turning in for the day but something about that just seemed wasteful of a weekend (says the girl who watched the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Friday).

Sadly, the last time I remember napping like that was about a year ago.  We can call it an annual catch up on sleep although I’m kidding myself if I think that six hours is going to be enough to make up for all the sleep I’ve missed.  It does make a perfect argument for why someone like me needs a smidge of alone time and quiet time.  Systems disengaged, and I slowly power down when I don’t feel obligated to be on anyone else’s schedule.

I spent the rest of the weekend eating brisket nachos, watching movies, reorganizing, and decluttering, which always makes me feel refreshed and rejuvenated.  On Sunday morning after my long rest, I opened the door to the patio and sat quietly listening to the neighborhood church bells.  I’m typically running (okay so I did actually go running this weekend) around, headless chicken style, but in my rare quiet moments now, I’ve tried to consciously get more centered and grounded.  Perform activity for a purpose and not just for activity’s sake.  And in the blank space, I’ll find more peace (hopefully) and sleep (definitely).  It may sound a bit like a sad life if all I have to write about is the sleeping I did this weekend, but I’ll gladly offer up that and more for another nap of epic proportions.