Double lasagna all the way

Photo from Food52
Ever since it got too hot to even think about going to a restaurant, I’ve been on a cooking frenzy.  Luckily, I don’t think of cooking as work and, as a bonus, it rids me of my manic energy.  I’m able to channel that can’t-sit-still feeling into a productive project whose benefits are shared (and hopefully enjoyed) by all.  There are those days that I feel the need to cook something good, something heavy on umami.  It may or may not necessarily the best thing to feed your body but is the best for your soul.  Your poor, overworked, stressed out soul.  In one week alone, I made lasagna twice (red & white), which had the combined effect of feeding myself and my friends and ending the day with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.  Also, this almost goes without saying but lasagna pairs well with wine.

The red lasagna (Food52’s birthday lasagna) involves making your own bechamel sauce and own bolognese, both of which I’m okay with.  And both recipes didn’t take as much time as I thought would be involved in pulling it all together.  I actually doubled the white lasagna recipe to feed four people for an impromptu dinner party.

Oh, and then I made this no-bake strawberry cheesecake as well, which was awesome because my oven was already occupied by my lasagna.

Moral of the story?  Do something for yourself and for others and make dinner tonight.


  1. Oh man! I tried to make bechamel sauce a few time before but never could perfect it, so I just rely on other people to make lasagnas for us...hehe...Rooth, if you need someone to eat your leftovers...ahem....

    PS Bookmarked that cheesecake recipe.
    PPS Thanks for the Daniel O'Malley rec. Will check his stuff out!

  2. Always double the complicated recipes! No reason to put in that much work, when you can double the inputs for double the outputs!

  3. Mmm, delicious. I'll have to save the recipe for later. I refuse to use the oven when it's dad-gum hot outside (and yes, I do have AC). Of course, then I whine most of the summer--because of the heat, sure; but also because I've only so many non-baking recipes in my repertoire. :)

  4. yum. even though it is definitely too hot here for lasagna. I also still don't have an oven, so why am I even bothering to consider it... (how have you been?)

  5. "Your poor, overworked, stressed out soul." The need to feed the soul must be factored into every diet plan. Both versions look wonderful!

  6. i don't mind cooking but it's always the clean up that gets me all like bleeh i don't want to be near the kitchen! i've gotten better ever since trying to use less spoons and things while i cook and doing the dishes right away, too. but meh... still some days i opt for take out (although i do always regret getting take out afterwards!)

  7. Yum! This may be on the menu for this week!

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