Horror movie farmhouse

One of the things that I've noticed in my daily perusal of real estate listings is that the quality of the photos really make a difference in how attractive a house looks (duh).  The lighting and picture angles all contribute to the over all "click-feel" of the listing.  If you've spent any time looking at all, you'll also recognize the pictures that obviously applied photo filters (bonus points if you can actually name the ones they used).

This restored Victorian farmhouse built in 1903 is the perfect example of lighting / angles done right.  With a completely different photo filter or dimmer lighting, it'd be the perfect haunted house (just add a sprinkling of cobwebs in the corner).  I can imagine the random wood paneling on the walls and ceilings creaking during the night, just when you think you're alone in the house.  Or wandering through the three bathrooms, each spookier than the last, hastily pulling back the shower curtains to make sure that you're alone.  This home would stage perfectly for Halloween; that's a completely reasonable reason to purchase a house right?


  1. That house is BEAUTIFUL! I could move in there tomorrow. It would make a good haunted house though! :)

  2. Buying a house for its Halloween appeal sounds like a good reason to me. This house is freaking gorgeous in a kind of Stephen King way...I mean....those stairs alone...

  3. My friend had an old house like this. I stayed there once. I heard creaking all night, random noises, voices, and something tapped the top of my head. Never went back there again. She's since sold it. Whew!

  4. It's a total horror movie set! I like this house at the same time that someone got really confused and stuck 4 different periods in that are kind of jarring together. Then again, who care when you're starring in your own personal horror show!!

  5. Halloween should be a major consideration in any home purchase decision!

    Great house!! I think I'd want darker floors, but would have to see the place in person to be sure. Love that tub!!!

    PS - I edited my comment to include extra "!" to balance out their absence from the post. Are you okay???

  6. Halloween or no Halloween... I'd sure like to own this house. In fact picture #6 reminds me of my own house. Just add some cob webs, though. ;)


  7. This house is such a beauty♥

    This house is such a beauty ♥


  8. I think the thing that freaks me out most is when people do not even attempt to stage the home before photos. It's exactly as they live ... with a bazillion knickknacks, and dark heavy curtains and furniture that does not fit the room and closes everything in. Eek!


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