Aaaand I’m back in London again, where summer has arrived.  The day I landed was the hottest day in September in one hundred years - or some absurd number like that.  It was as if I boarded the plane in Texas and then it just sat on the tarmac for 9 hours.  All joking aside, it’s beautiful here.  Everyone is milling around the outside of pubs drinking (at way too early an hour in the afternoon) and sprawled out on any piece of green they can find.  Every single morning is filled with blue skies, and I’m simply ecstatic that it isn’t cold or rainy.  At some point this week, I’ll have to find the opportunity to grab a pint outside and join the Londoners.

I had a meeting with a French gentleman yesterday who had sweat through his entire dress shirt.  He had bravely kept his suit jacket on for 20 minutes into the meeting (inside in an air conditioned room, I might add) but couldn’t take it any more, after running through several napkins wiping the sweat from his brow.  I thought he was going to faint.  When he finally removed his jacket, at least 40% of his blue shirt was sweat-stained.  I politely tried not to notice and endeavored to keep a straight face.  He visibly perked up after shedding layers and at the end of the meeting, only the pit stains remained.

Despite the record-setting heat, it’s really the perfect time to be in London right now, even better than the summertime.  Everyone is back in school so there are less tourists milling about, and it’s still light out relatively late.  Eventually I’m going to turn one of these trips into a long weekend vacation or extended European jaunt.  Another one of those "someday" plans...