Add this one to the list of ridiculous things I want, including a career as a writer and world peace.  Is a barndominium something that you can put on an Amazon wishlist?  What about a barndominium that is over an hour drive from the office?  And uncomfortably far enough away from everyone and everything?  I know, I shouldn’t lead with the selling points.

This property is five acres and located in an equine community next to a lake.  There are trails galore and an HOA covered arena - at this point I’m sold.  B was not so much; I think if we got a boat, he'd be okay with it.  Let’s talk about the people quarters first, although I’m not convinced that B and I would be spending more time indoors than out.

The living quarters upstairs are 2 br / 1.5 ba and 100% the size I’m comfortable with; our current place is around 1500 square feet as well.  I love the paneled ceiling and the big dormer windows.  I’m not sure I would put blinds on them at all, like the current residents.  The great room combination kitchen, living room, dining room (where they have a pool table instead of a dining table) WITH a wood burning stove is absolutely cozy.  You wouldn’t be able to throw a soiree in your home but everything is compact, neat, and tidy.  It’s quirky, and I think I could make it work.

The downstairs barn is comprised of three 12x12 stalls, tack room with cabinets, and a loafing shed.  Adorable covered porch for hanging out when the weather is cooler with hitching posts - check.  Beautiful stone accent walls in the barn - check.  Surrounded by grass on all sides with paddocks within shouting distance - check.  The most expensive property in the area and it’s not even a standalone house - uncheck.

So what if Mae doesn’t know how to “do” trails and only feels safe surrounded by a hundred horses.  So what if I’d likely need to get a new job.  We could get a few more horses and a dog!  Don’t mind me while I daydream for the next few hours about the life I could have.