Winding down the year during fall is one of my least favourite times of the year.  The darkness creeps into the sky earlier and earlier, and we’re soon running in the dark after work.  My car’s tire pressure sensor blinks yellow every other morning because of the drop in temperatures at night.  It seems like everybody is sick - hacking up a lung, sneezing fits, and red rimmed eyes.  Bryan nursing a sinus infection and my mom with a good, old-fashioned cold that keeps her in bed and under three layers of clothing.  At work, building maintenance keeps running the A/C in the mornings as if it wasn’t chilly enough in the office before the sun rises.  We’ve already broken out the blankets at the barn and started that awkward dance on-and-off-and-on again - the horses sweating underneath them during their inaugural appearance.

I’ve been tired this year.  I know I say I’m tired every year but this year feels more exhausting than the last.  Typically there’s some excitement for the approaching fall and winter - the holidays, the festivities, the travel.  Usually I’ve already planned out the menu for Thanksgiving, practiced a few dishes, and have moved on to Christmas cards.  This year, my half hearted attempts at self motivation end up with me in bed early with a book.  Or napping.  Or reading funny but utterly pointless comics online (here).  This fall, I’ve been able to wake up, have a cup of coffee, and go immediately into a nap afterward.

Other attempts at trying to reinvigorate myself have included:

Taking long walks (walks since Bryan can’t run without lapsing into a coughing attack while he’s sick. And it wouldn't be fair for me to try to kill him this early into our relationship.)

Eating my weight in Halloween candy (this leads to buying more Halloween candy. And cavities, I'm sure.)

Read every book I could possibly request from the Dallas Public Library system (still working on this one)

Drink lots and lots of hot tea (results in sweating, which is a kind of reinvigoration but sadly not the one I'm looking for)

The best thing to come out of these attempts is that I haven’t made myself sick or gotten sick from anyone else’s germs.  The worst thing to come out of these attempts is that these have typically been my go-to solutions for recharging myself and they aren’t working.  I’d love to hear any suggestions any of you have to kick me in the rear and get me going this fall - before fall is gone and winter is here.  There are too many things to do and too few days left to do them!