Creative smoothie

I enjoy blogging every day.  No, I honestly do.  I get a kick out of putting random stuff on the blogosphere and seeing who's entertained, mildly amused or just plain insulted.  I like reading the comments that y'all post and getting to know a lot of you better.  That being said and as many of you know all too well, coming up with fresh content on a daily basis is not an easy process.  But lucky for me (and you) I've discovered a foolproof creative brainstorming process that helps me come up with delightful topics to pontificate / wax poetic on every single day.  The following nine step process really helps get those creative juices flowing and turns them into a viscous creative juice smoothie that'll beat the crap out of that spinach, kale and mint concoction you've been sucking down any day of the week.  Here goes.

Step 1: Stare blankly at computer screen

Step 2: Stare blankly at wall / into mirror at the gym while "working out" (translation - listening to Spotify with headphones and wearing gym clothes instead of on computer speakers wearing pajamas)

Step 3: Go to coffee shop and stare blankly at other paying patrons until they / their children get freaked and creeped out and leave

Step 4: Look up funny memes and laugh uncontrollably.  Preferably in a public place (above mentioned coffee shop) where there are lots of people and it's completely silent

McKayla is not impressed
Step 5: Stare blankly at computer screen but this time, wonder why it is that gymnasts still wear scrunchies.  And wonder if gymnasts around the world get their scrunchies from the same scrunchie factory.  Wonder how much a scrunchie even costs these days

Step 6: Bake bread and eat it while standing over the kitchen sink.  Then stare blankly at bread while thinking of things that you can blog about other than eating and food

Step 7: Watch a few episodes of Doctor Who, some other episodes of Downton Abbey on Amazon Prime. Then realize that it's close to the end of the day and inspiration has not struck.  Scramble and look around wildly.  Pick topic and blog post title based on first five things that you see or pop into your head right then and there, such as:
  • Alert the Press: I flossed today (I didn't really)
  • Dead bird on my balcony, why won't you just fly away? (This will most likely be a real blog post that I do next week)
  • My dish towels don't match and only I care - A Sob Story
Step 8: Pound out a few sentences.  Rely on your stream of consciousness to sound "modern" and "contemporary."  Cross your fingers that your readers will be feeling particularly merciful and hit publish

Step 9: Rinse and repeat tomorrow


  1. Oh, you went the funny route. I thought you were going to get all serious on us. I wasn't prepared for that and now I have the biggest smile on my face. I am all too familiar with this conundrum.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Rooth!

  2. funny how most of my ideas come to me while at work and it also involves starring at the screen. i zone out for a bit, but my fingers keep on moving. muscle memory, i guess. i don't know what a real recipe for creativity might consist of, but i guess yours seems to be working just fine. you're spitting out those thoughts and ideas left and right. enjoy your weekend!

  3. Gosh....Rooth, we're like twins. These are how I come up with ideas too!

  4. Haha, there's nothing parents like better than having strangers stare at their children. Now that you've shared your secret, I'll be able to post every day too!

    But seriously, this is a wonderful post. I think Step 7 is my favorite. Whatever your process is, it's working for you. I struggle to post twice a week and have plenty of stinkers. You haven't had one as long as I've been visiting. Maybe I'm good luck. lol

    PS - Get a stick and nudge that bird into being a problem for the downstairs neighbor. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your creative process. As long as it works - and it does, otherwise I wouldn't be reading your blog - don't change it.

  6. Haha good one! Shame about the dead bird on your balcony.

  7. That is a fun post.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  8. hahahhahah this cracked me up!! yeah i don't know that i could post or would want to post every day so i give you credit for that! i try not to think too much about it most of the time and just kind of write what comes out...sometimes that isn't the most successful though hahha


  9. Hey Rooth,
    Just wanna let u know I nominated you for a little award on my blog. I know you've done this before, but it doesn't hurt to do it again, right? :P

  10. Ahaha! Love these Rooth - I especially like the one about baking bread, I think I will do that now actually ;) xo - k

  11. ...bahahahh, this made me laugh so much. I am liking your process. :)
    Mine has elements that are similar, spaced out in the period of 2 or 3 days. Oh and I love your step 7. A lot.

  12. LOL, I loved this. I wonder about the scrunchies as well.


  13. too funny rooth, love this post.

    xo erica

  14. This is so funny! Speaking of step 5....this blog is pretty good:

  15. Pahahhaa, I always wonder the same thing when I see the gymnasts with their little bedazzled scrunchies.

  16. I've never been in a store for fear of contracting a disease of some sort, but I hear American Apparel does, or used to, sell scruchies {and by used to I mean a year or so ago}. The commenters on The Cut blog go crazy over this they hate it so much. Perhaps they are home made though for the olympics. :)

  17. Ha! You are always coming up with interesting content, I'm always impressed. I love the variety. Please do the dead bird post, I'll definitely enjoy it.

  18. I just started watching Downton Abbey... Totally hooked!

  19. I have been meaning to check out Mckayla's Not Impressed since I heard about it ... sooooo funny!!! Thanks for the reminder!


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