Tuesday marked most likely what is the second time in my 10+ year blogging life (with this blog and previous lifetimes) that my dad actually read my blog.  Remember when I had posted about my dad and his teacher's 40-year reunion here?  Well, his professor Scott ended up finding my blog and emailing the link out to all of his old college contacts, as well as posting it to his Facebook page.  And even though I typically don't keep track, one could hardly miss the dramatic spike in visitors today, all reading about my actor dad.

My father, in true dad fashion, only read the post after he had received the email from Scott and then sent me a follow-up email with various corrections to people / places / dates.  That's my dad - always pushing me to be and do better than I have before.

Despite the fact that he doesn't read a lick of what I write without some serious prompting, I know that he supports me with all his might, particularly in my writing, and would like to see me make a career out of it someday.  It was at his constant urging for stories and book reports that he could read after work that my fingers scribbled out pages upon pages when I was a wee one.

I owe him (and my mom) for all of the support that I've gotten and it's the kind comments from people like you and the hundreds of visitors who stopped by Amiusmie today who validate all of the work they've done in turning me into the adult I am today.  Just don't tell my dad about the  hundreds of visitors or that y'all think he's so cool.  He might decide to revisit his acting career and then we'd really never hear the end of it.