"The turkey is in the fridge."

A little like saying "The Eagle has landed" except for it's a fat, featherless eagle, sitting in a bag of brine that we're going to bake and broil in a few days time.  The wintry mix skipped lightly over us, although not without dumping a few inches of rain - just enough to get everyone's hopes up that it would ice over and be a snow day today.  But, the good news is that the kitchen renovation is finished!  And according to dad, looks fabulous to boot (my words, not his).  My parents will be tidying up tomorrow and the kitchen will be ready for action in the evening, not a minute too soon because cooking commences in earnest on Wednesday.  I've been behind all season (seriously, wtf happened to November) and all of a sudden, my most favourite day of the year is here and upon us and ohmygodIhaven'tdoneanyXmasshoppingatallyet.  Everybody panic and throw things!

On a more serious note, however, I'm hoping to set aside some time this week to reflect on how fantastically awesome my life is and how blessed I am.  My co-worker's only child was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma just last week - at only 18 years of age - and it about tore her to pieces.  For all the whinging that I do here, I have thankfully never had to go through anything like that with myself or a close family member and I count myself lucky in that regard.  So if you can spare a moment for all the luck and love in your life, send a big one up to the sky for all the wonderfully brilliant things you've got going on during Thanksgiving this week.