I'd like to be the first to welcome you to the little neighborhood inside of Dallas city limits called Hollywood Heights (the Anne of Green Gables inside of me just got a little thrill from the neighborhood name).  It was one of the first conservation districts in the City of Dallas, in an effort to preserve the architectural integrity of the beautiful old houses scattered around the city.  The little gem that I'm featuring today was built in the 1930's and smack dab in the middle of that neighborhood.  I like to imagine in my mind that the kids who live in this house and neighborhood still play kickball on the streets and run from backyard to backyard.  That neighbors, who all know each other on a first name basis, will stop and chat with one another while walking their dogs in the evening and bake each other homemade pies.  That families still gather together for dinnertime and for quiet reading time on Sunday evenings.  Even if this house doesn't have the pizzazz of old Hollywood glamour, I'm hoping that it's held on to some of that magical charm.