I hate to complain about it, particularly when people have more things going on that deserve online complaint airspace, but my favourite month of the year so far has been a real letdown.  I've been almost completely back to my old investment banking hours for some time now and between that and the barn sucking up the time leftover, it really has left me no time to take care of myself.  I haven't been to the gym in who knows how long and my dinner most nights is a cup of tea and a spoonful of yogurt.  I try to remind myself that I chose this consciously and there's no one else to blame except for the haggard, worn reflection in the mirror but the truth is it's always easier to point fingers at others.  And that is really the extent of the pity party that I'm going to throw myself.  Womp womp womp <throws confetti> - okay that's enough.

The sadly hilarious thing about being stressed and tired is that I'm now at that age where I really know myself and in times like these, my naughty old coping mechanisms rear their ugly, bulbous noggins again.  I'll admit it: I am an emotional eater & online shopper.  Because, obviously, those are both things that you can do in front of your work computer.  I like to think that I'm at the maturity level where I can catch and control this, but it's actually quite comical to see how it manifests itself.  Amazon Prime (and any other online store that has fast and free delivery) becomes your best friend AND worst enemy.  Case in point, so far this week, I have bought saddle cleaner, saddle oil, three different coloured mugs, and a padlock.  Might as well throw in the partridge in the pear tree.*  I know many of you have kindly told me that you share this personality quirk (even just to make me feel better about myself), so tell me, what is the best/funniest/most random thing that you've bought under stress?

*Christmas references already?  I know, tsk tsk shame on me.