Paint me a picture with your words.  Allow me a peek into your mind, into the tales that your imagination spins and let me turn them into a feature length movie in my head.  As it turns out, for me October was a very visual and image-heavy reading month.  I've already extolled upon the virtues of Flavia de Luce here so I won't do so anymore here.  Instead, let me regale you with the stories that will become movies some day.  Oh because some of these graphic novels will become movies, mark my word.  Half of the work has already been done - it's been visualized and storyboarded.  In my head, it's even been set to music.

These are all goodies but if there's one in particular I have to recommend out of the graphic novels in October, I think it'd have to be Preacher.  Just because there's so much promise in the first of a long series.  It reminds me a tad of the Sandman, without the refinement which I've been told will be soon to come.  I'm on the second currently and let me tell you, it's gritty.  Gritty like a mouthful of sand, pounded in with a volleyball, but good.