I had discussed previously how caffeine used to be my coping mechanism to stress.  Luckily, I've matured and moved on to much healthier ways of dealing with my stress, like online shopping.  In the same vein as how Yelp or Urban Spoon classify restaurants, you can tell what type of day I'm having by the dollar signs that coincide with the particular day. 

For example, if I'm a single dollar sign, that means I'm having a "good to middling" type of day.  People haven't pissed me off too badly yet and I think I can get through with just a $3 used book purchase from Amazon.com.  The day I hit the $$$$, I may be blogging about my new horse.  Below is a table outlining the range of my mood and the spending associated with each level in order to make me feel better. 

Today was a "fair" day - the morning was a bit more terrible than usual - but I was in luck as shopbop.com just added marked down sale items to its website.  I escaped almost unscathed with this Riller & Fount dress that I've been stalking for around four months now.  I'm wondering now if this phenomenon of buying random stuff when I'm pissed is unique to me or if this is a trait I share with others.