Frenchie has a bad back and a bad shoulder.  He goes to a massage therapist once a month and she writes out a "prescription" telling him that he needs to drink more water, stretch three times a day, sleep on his back and do yoga.  She also tells him that he's way too tense and needs to practice breathing exercises.  Sitting at a workstation all day isn't exactly conducive toward a relaxed back / shoulder and stretching doesn't feel natural in an office setting (maybe for a guy?) so last night we tried pilates at home.  I used to do ashtanga yoga regularly but have never done pilates before.  Honestly, I couldn't tell the difference between the two.  After the pilates work out, I did a yoga one just to see if my body could sense the difference.  I did two different sets of cat / cow poses and felt that one of the styles was definitely ripping off the other. 

However... today, I can tell the difference.  I feel the pilates workout much more in my legs and hamstrings and the yoga workout more in my shoulders.  And then I found this helpful infographic.

I think we'll continue the pilates workout as it's easier on Frenchie's shoulder than all the vinyasas.  Do any of you readers out there have shoulder / back problems?  How do you PT if you do?