Oil and water. 

Beer and liquor. 

Hippies and yuppies. 

Toddlers and permanent markers. 

Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys fans. 

All of these things do not get along.  However, contrary to the trend, Frenchie is originally from Buffalo and is hence a Bills fan, whereas I am from Dallas and a Cowboys fan.  Since we've been dating, the two teams have not met... until this fall.  The game in November will test the strength of our relationship and probably my patience if the Boys don't fare well.  Is it bad form to punch your boyfriend in the face if he's taunting you?  I may or may not have slapped him before because I caught him skipping to the end of a book.  Maybe he should wear a football helmet when we watch the game.

Although I couldn't stand anymore Bills paraphernalia or sports gear,  it's actually a bit difficult to deny the rustic Americana draw of the buffalo.  I might be okay with some of these items around the house.

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