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I have a slight confession to make.  Deep breath... I don't really like fall.  EEEPS!  I'm not a fan of the days getting darker and cooler.  I don't like having to layer on more clothing or waking up to it being dark outside.  However, almost everything that I've been seeing over the last few weeks (I say 'almost' because I have been enjoying a virtual spring arrival for the Aussies) has been fall fashion, fall foods and drinks and fall decor.  And I've started buying into the hype.  I realized, yes I do like wearing boots again, I like eating hearty comfort food and I enjoy watching football.  My favourite holiday, Thanksgiving, is in the fall and fall in Texas is really more like a second summer.  And as I'm so convinced by all your fall entries, whenever I walk outside these days, I half expect to feel a brisk breeze and a slight nip in the air.  I'm almost even disappointed that I don't.

Another thing I've realized was that blogging and reading others' blogs has really given me a new perspective on so many things.  All of the various bloggers I've met and read have allowed me to see things, like the seasons, in a different light - whether through a camera lens, artistic interpretation or simply via his/her voice.  It is something that I never expected when I got into blogging and has been one of the most pleasant parts of this experience.  So cheers to y'all and thank you.