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Since my trip to Los Angeles, I haven't seen my family and it has been a long time since I've gone home as well.  With the cooler temperatures and upcoming Halloween holiday, I thought that this would be the perfect weekend for some family time - you know, carve pumpkins and bake some Halloween cookies.  Frenchie suggested that I call my parents earlier to let them know that we were planning on going back but I shrugged him aside.  I reminded him that my parents are old folks - they wouldn't have any plans for the weekend. 

Well, I emailed them today and my dad casually reminded me that they were going to be out of town this weekend.  And going to Vegas!  Dad was so sneaky about it too.  He told me they were going to "Utah" and sent me their itinerary - which had them flying into Utah and then driving to Vegas.  I'm on to you, parents!  I know your tricks!  If they hit the jackpot, they better fly me out there for the celebration bash.  Don't you think they will??