Yes chickadees, the time has come for me to start actually caring about my face.  I suppose that means more than just washing and moisturizing.  It's time to break out (ha!) the firming, lifting and line erasing cream.  So what brought about this decision?  Just noticing my skin looks less than stellar recently, especially compared to the fresh faced 22 year old girls in the office.  Realizing I have permanent dark circles under my eyes and my complexion has been wan lately.  I know I only have myself - and my poor sleeping / eating / exercising habits - to blame.  So as my foray into the world of face care, I am starting to apply caffeine on my face.  Under my eyes.  With this.

Yeah!  It has caffeine!  I've only used it twice and, not unexpectedly, haven't noticed any visible differences yet but my eyes have strangely not felt as tired, particularly in the morning when I first apply.  I'm also going to try sleeping half an hour earlier, which will hopefully help out?  Any bloggers out there have effective tips for those of us trying to preserve our faces?   If the eye cream works out, I will definitely make sure to let you guys know.